Why, what, and how you can participate

When I first began exploring how to get involved in the PostgreSQL community, the first event I heard of was PGCon.

Thoughts on PostgreSQL in 2024

A question I often hear, and also ask myself, is “where is PostgreSQL going?

pgvector 0.5.0 Feature Highlights and HOWTOs

It’s here! pgvector 0.5.0 is released and has some incredible new features.

An early look at HNSW performance with pgvector

(Disclosure: I have been contributing to pgvector, though I did not work on the HNSW implementation outside of testing).

Vectors are the new JSON in PostgreSQL

Vectors are the new JSON. That in itself is an interesting statement, given vectors are a well-studied mathematical structure, and JSON is a data interchange format.

A tribute to PostgreSQL 10

The last release of PostgreSQL 10 took place on Nov 10, 2022.

BEGIN ATOMIC: a better way to create functions in PostgreSQL 14

Around this time of year, I am reading through the upcoming PostgreSQL release notes (hello PostgreSQL 15), reading mailing lists, and talking to PostgreSQL users to understand what are the impactful features.

Notes on updating to PostgreSQL 14.3, 13.7, 12.11, 11.16, and 10.21

On May 12, 2022, the PostgreSQL Global Development Group released its regular quarterly update for all of its supported versions (10-14) containing bug fixes and a security fix for CVE-2022-1552.

"Read-Only" Mode for PostgreSQL

Typically when discussing having “read-only” connections to a PostgreSQL database, it is in the context of connecting to a replica.